Guys, gals,

You all have overwhelmed me with your support. Just by throwing up this site and spreading the word via social media and wearing your gear on the streets, we've sold a total of $1,041.34 worth of merch. Now, thats about $500 in profit, but I'm so moved by your generosity that for this first donation, I'm going to eat all the costs and match the entire donation.

I wanted to donate directly to Kaep's foundation, but there's no way to do that. So I've done the next best thing and donated to one of the charities that THEY donated to, ASSATA'S DAUGHTERS. They are a "a grassroots intergenerational collective of radical Black women located in the city of Chicago." They do lots of good work with 'know your rights' camps, directly confronting the problem that Kaep was protesting in the first place: not the flag, not the troops, not America, but police brutality against peoples of color. 

Thanks again for your support. Keep on working to make the world a better and more just place!


Peter Sattler